Breaking Barriers: The Rise of Azja Pryor in the Entertainment Industry- Husband, Affairs, Parents, Son, Daughter & Net Worth (2023)

Azja Pryor is a former casting director and the ex-wife of Chris Tucker, a popular comedian & actor in Hollywood. She began working in the entertainment industry during the early 1990s and has since been in a number of movies and TV shows. Azja Pryor is a gifted and versatile actress with outstanding acting abilities who has won over audiences.

Although she became more famous after being in a relationship with Chris Tucker, she had her own image & reputation before that. The life of Azja Pryor is not as simple, but she did encounter various ups & downs in her life. This article will examine Azja Pryor’s life, career, and achievements.

Brief Biography

Azja Pryor is hitting the headlines because of her relationship with popular Comedian & Actor Chris Tucker. For the unversed, she belongs to American-African Culture and a native of Berkeley, California, USA. As of now, she has completed 43 years of age, & the fitness of Azja Pryor still amazed many loving followers.

Talking about the same, Azja Pryor is the mother of a doting son & a daughter. Their names are Destin Christopher Tucker & Iman Joelle. Her first marriage with Chris Tucker has been broken & now living with a fitness coach, Cherif A Ndiaye. This fitness enthusiast, Cherif A Ndiaye, is her half-partner now. Numerous other amazing facts about Azja Pryor are circulating on social media, so let’s sneak-peak interesting facts.

Azja Pryor Wiki: Profile

Full nameAzja Pryor
Date of BirthAugust 18, 1978
Zodiac SignVirgo
Azja Pryor Age44 years
Birth PlaceBerkeley, California, USA
ResidenceLos Angeles, California, USA
EducationLos Angeles Community College
ProfessionHealth, Former Casting Director
MotherDeborah B. Pryor
Siblings2 (one name is Vivica)
Husband Chris Tucker
Marital StatusMarried
Children Destin Christopher Tucker & Iman Joelle
 Pryor’s FatherYet to be Known 
 Azja’s Religion Christianity
 Height6 feet (6’0″) 
Azja Pryor Profile’s Summary

Azja Pryor Parents, Childhood, Education & Birth Date

For the uninitiated, she was born on September 18, 1978, in Berkeley, California, United States of America. She is not purely of American Descent but a mix of African descent. Above all, her nationality is American.

She was raised by her mother, Lorraine Pryor, an accomplished actress. She grew up watching her mother perform on stage and was inspired by her talent and dedication.

The loving followers of Lady Pryor must be curious to know her educational background. To let you know, she went to Alexander Hamilton Jr./Sr. High School for her secondary education. Later, she attended the University of California, Los Angeles, earning a degree in Theater Arts.

Career and Philanthropy Works of Azaj Pryor

Azja Pryor began her career in the entertainment industry as a casting director. She worked on several films, including “Boyz n the Hood,” “Higher Learning,” and “Friday.” One of the most sought-after casting directors in the industry, Azja Pryor, has a talent for discovering new talent and an eye for detail.

In addition to her work as a casting director, Azja Pryor also worked as an actress. She appeared in several films, including “The Fighting Temptations,” “Baby Boy,” and “Trois 2: Pandora’s Box.” With her great acting skills, she quickly established a fanbase.

Azja Pryor has made a lot of progress in the entertainment industry. She has contributed to some of the most significant films of the last 20 years and has helped numerous actors and actresses get their start. Azja Pryor has received praise for her charitable endeavors as well. She has collaborated with numerous groups to improve needy children’s lives because she is an ardent supporter of children’s rights.

Also, she is a board member of the HollyRod Foundation, dedicated to providing support and resources to families affected by autism and Parkinson’s disease.

Azja Pryor Height & Body Measurements  

Lady Pryor has an attractive physique with an ideal body structure. According to some reports, she is 6’0″ in height. Although she has completed her 40s, she looks graceful & beautiful in all away.

As a nutrition and fitness specialist, she is strictly conscious of her health, diet & fitness routine. No one could even believe that she is a mother of a 21-years old son & 5-years old daughter. She must be ideal for many beautiful ladies who aspire to have an astounding body physique.

Facts About Azja Pryor’s Career!

She started her career profession as an ordinary person does. Initially, she joined the health & nutrition profession as a coach.

Along with the turn of fate, she became a casting director. She has been involved in at least 4 films as a casting assistant for the unknown.

Many things about Lady Azja are still kept secret as she is quite a secretive woman. However, it came to light that she is also now a CBSW Babywearing Educator. She was not in the limelight until she became the wife of Chris Tucker, a stand-up comedian & actor.

Although she rarely spends time on social media platforms, Lady Pryor has many followers on Instagram & Facebook. According to some reports, more than 12.4k followers are on the Instagram handle & 5.4k on Facebook platforms.

Who is the Husband of Azja Pryor now?

Lady Azja Pryor is a secretive woman who rarely speaks about her current & past personal life. However, the reports said that she is a married woman & living with her half-partners, Cherif A Ndiaye. Her husband, Cherif A Ndiaye, is a fitness enthusiast and life coach.

Is Azja Pryor have Some Relation with Richard Pryor?

The media has never circulated any relation between Azja Pryor and Richard Pryor. Even Lady Azja has never claimed to be related to him in any way. Giving a brief about Richard Pryor might help you to solve your confusion & any doubt.

There is no connection between Richard Pryor with Azja Pryor. If I am not wrong, Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor Sr. died on 10 December 2005. He is a late American stand-up comedian and actor. He is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential stand-up comedians ever.

Relationship & Marriage History of Lady Pryor

Talking about Azja’s relationship, life is filled with both happy & painful moments. Azja Pryor was married to her boyfriend, Chris Tucker, in 1997 after long years of dating & sharing a lovingly mutual bond. At that time, Chris Tucker was a stand-up comedian.

After the marriage, Blessed by God, she gave birth to a child the following year (1998), which filled their loving life with happiness & Bliss. But, not too long, just after two years, they filed for divorce & got separated in 2003. The reasons for their parted ways were unknown to anyone, but media chunks suspected it could be egoism.

When the couple parted ways, Chris was among the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. With their wedlock, the couple has a son named Destin Christopher Tucker.

Upon getting a divorce from Chris Tucker and coming to normal life, according to the reports, she began dating popular celebrity Christopher Brian Bridges, alias Ludacris, in 2005. She broke up with him also in 2006. For the initiated, Ludacris is an American actor and talented rapper.

The ex-wife of Chris Tucker, Azja Pryor, got engaged & married Cherif A Ndiaye, a fitness enthusiast and life coach. Lady Pryor was blessed with a daughter in 2017, wedlock with Cherif A Ndiaye: named Iman Joelle. She also became the mother of two children born from Ndiae’s previous marriage.

Who is Destin Christopher Tucker?

As of now, her son, Destin, from her first marriage, is 23 years old. He did his primary education at Oaks Christian School. He then shifted to Atlanta to pursue higher studies. He is also on his father’s footmarks but shies away from the limelight.

Azja Pryor Net Worth in 2023

Her estimated net worth as of 2023 is between $1 and $5 million. She is not among the wealthiest & influential people in the Hollywood industry but has made bountiful earnings through her profession.

Moreover, Lady Pryor is earning a considerable amount through (a) CBWS Babywearing Educator, (b) Fitness & Nutritionist Coach, and of course, (c) Social Media.

Take Away from Lady Pryor’s Biography

Azja Pryor benefitted from her Ex-husband, Chris Tucker, but she more or less made an independent woman by herself. Upon getting a divorce from Chris Tucker, she managed herself and stood potentially to live alone. I hope you enjoyed reading the biography of Azja Pryor.

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Questions Mostly Asked About Azja Pryor

Q. Is Chris Tucker still married?

Ans- No, he is still unmarried.

Q. Who is Destin Christopher Tucker’s mother?

Ans- Azja Pryor is the mother of Destin Christopher Tucker

Q. Does Chris Tucker have a wife?

Ans- No, Chris Tucker does not marry with anyone till now, though upon getting a divorce from lady Pryor, he dated many popular women celebrities.

Q. Does Chris Tucker have kids?

Ans- With his first marriage, Chris Tucker has a son named Destin Christopher Tucker.

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