Unveiling the Enigmatic Rouba Saadeh: A Journey into Her Life, Career, and Impact- Age, Family, Networth, Wiki Biography

In the world of fashion, where creativity and innovation reign supreme, few names shine as brightly as Rouba Saadeh. Renowned as a fashion designer and artist, Rouba has not only left her mark on the fashion industry but has also become a figure of fascination and intrigue. While her talent and achievements are undeniable, what adds an extra layer of mystique to Rouba Saadeh’s story is her connection to the Italian actor, Michele Morrone.

In the labyrinth of the internet, where information is readily available yet often elusive, Rouba Saadeh has remained somewhat enigmatic. Her journey through life, love, and art has piqued the curiosity of many, as her story intertwines with that of Michele Morrone, the charismatic star of the Netflix hit, “365 Days.”

Join us as we unravel the captivating tale of Rouba Saadeh, exploring her early life, career, and the profound impact she has made in the worlds of fashion and family.

Rouba Saadeh Wiki

NameRouba Saadeh
Date of Birth15th April 1987
Age 36 Years As of Now
Place of BirthBeirut, Lebanon
NationalityBeirut, Lebanon
Height in Inches5’7”
Weight in Pounds121 pounds
EthnicityMixed (an Arab Girl)
Sexual OrientationStraight
Body Measurements34-27-38
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Mother NameManolia Mano Saadeh
Father NameNot Known
SiblingsTwo (Abir Saadeh)
Marital StatusDivorced
ChildrenMarcus, Brado
ProfessionFashion Designer, Entrepreneur, Stylist

Childhood and Early Life of Rouba Saadeh

Rouba Saadeh’s journey begins in the vibrant city of Beirut, Lebanon, where she was born on April 15, 1987. This cosmopolitan city, known for its rich culture and history, would play an essential role in shaping her life and artistic sensibilities.

At the heart of Rouba’s early life was her family. Her mother, Manolia Mano Saadeh, provided the nurturing foundation upon which Rouba’s future aspirations would flourish. Though information about her father remains elusive, the influence of her mother and family cannot be understated.

Rouba Saadeh

Rouba Saadeh’s formative years were spent in the picturesque landscapes of Lebanon. Growing up alongside her siblings, including her sister Abir Saadeh, Rouba’s childhood was a blend of experiences that would later inspire her creative endeavors. While the details of her early years are somewhat shrouded in mystery, it is clear that the roots of her resilience and determination were firmly planted during this time.

Religion, Nationality, and Ethnicity

Rouba Saadeh’s identity is not solely defined by her remarkable career but also by the intricate tapestry of her beliefs and heritage.

In matters of faith, Rouba practices Christianity, and her devotion to her religion has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her values, outlook on life, and the way she navigates the challenges that come her way.

Her nationality proudly aligns with her place of birth, as Rouba Saadeh is Lebanese. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, she carries with her the essence of a nation known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and warm hospitality.

While her nationality is undeniably Lebanese, her ethnicity is presumed to be of Arab origin, reflecting the diversity that characterizes the cultural mosaic of the Middle East. This blend of faith, nationality, and ethnicity adds depth to the enigmatic persona of Rouba Saadeh, making her a unique figure in the fashion world whose influences reach far beyond the runway.

Educational Journey of Rouba Saadeh

Rouba Saadeh’s path to becoming a celebrated fashion designer and artist was paved with determination, education, and a relentless pursuit of her creative passions.

Her educational journey commenced at Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour, a prestigious private Catholic school nestled in Jamhour in the Baabda District of Lebanon. It was here that she embarked on her early academic pursuits, laying the groundwork for her future endeavors.

After completing her high school education, Rouba’s thirst for knowledge led her to the Lebanese American University (LAU). At LAU, she pursued her passion for visual arts and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, honing her skills in a field that would later intersect seamlessly with her foray into fashion.

Seeking to broaden her horizons, Rouba Saadeh continued her educational journey at LAU, this time earning a Master’s Degree in Business Management. This additional layer of expertise would prove invaluable as she ventured further into the intricate world of fashion entrepreneurship.

Rouba Saadeh

But her educational pursuits did not stop there. Rouba’s quest for excellence took her to the fashion design capital of the world, Milan, Italy, where she enrolled at Istituto Marangoni. It was here that she pursued her passion for fashion design, dedicating herself to the craft that would soon become her signature. She emerged from the institute with a post-graduate diploma in Fashion design, armed with the skills and knowledge needed to make her mark in the fashion industry.

Rouba’s commitment to her craft and her desire to continually refine her talents also led her to Central Saint Martins College in London. There, she undertook a summer course in fashion design, adding an international perspective to her already impressive repertoire of skills.

Through her relentless pursuit of education and her diverse experiences across different institutions and countries, Rouba Saadeh solidified her place as a fashion designer with a unique blend of artistic flair and business acumen, poised for success on a global stage.

Marriage to Michele Morrone

Rouba Saadeh’s life took a dramatic turn when she crossed paths with the charismatic Italian actor, Michele Morrone. Their journey from a chance meeting to a private wedding ceremony in Beirut, Lebanon, was a tale of love, secrecy, and ultimate separation.

Rouba and Michele’s story began sometime in 2013, a fateful encounter orchestrated by mutual friends. The sparks that ignited during their initial meetings soon transformed into a passionate romance that transcended borders and cultural differences.

Rouba Saadeh

Their love story reached its pinnacle when the couple decided to take their commitment to the next level. In a testament to their desire for privacy, Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone’s wedding was an intimate affair, attended only by their closest family members and friends. The picturesque backdrop of Beirut, Lebanon, provided the perfect setting for their union, though the exact date and venue remained closely guarded secrets.

Their union brought forth the joyous addition of two sons, Marcos Morrone and Brandon Morrone, who became the center of their world. The couple’s commitment to co-parenting remained unwavering even after their separation, demonstrating a deep-rooted love for their children.

Despite the love that once bound them, Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone’s marriage eventually faced the trials and tribulations that often accompany relationships in the public eye. After being together for several years, the couple decided to part ways, their separation shrouded in secrecy, leaving fans and admirers speculating about the reasons behind their divorce.

While the exact details surrounding their divorce have remained private, the impact of their separation was felt by both Rouba and Michele. In the aftermath, Michele Morrone openly shared his struggles with severe depression, revealing the emotional toll that the end of their marriage had taken on him. Despite the challenges, the couple maintained a cordial relationship for the sake of their children, sharing joint custody and featuring their sons on their respective social media accounts.

Rouba Saadeh’s Career Journey

Rouba Saadeh’s career path is a testament to her unwavering dedication to the world of design, marked by her evolution from a graphic designer to a prominent figure in the fashion industry.

Her professional journey began as a graphic designer at Alfa MIC1, a company where she honed her creative skills and developed a keen eye for visual aesthetics. This early experience laid the foundation for her future endeavors, instilling in her a passion for design that would guide her throughout her career.

However, Rouba’s journey took an intriguing turn when she joined the esteemed fashion design house, ELIE SAAB. At ELIE SAAB, she assumed the role of an assistant to the design team leader, where her creative contributions and attention to detail were invaluable to the brand. Her work at ELIE SAAB allowed her to immerse herself in the world of high fashion, gaining insights into the inner workings of a renowned design house.

Yet, as her personal life took precedence with her marriage to Michele Morrone, Rouba Saadeh made a pivotal decision to temporarily step away from her career at ELIE SAAB to devote herself to her family and children. Her choice to prioritize her role as a mother demonstrated her commitment to balancing the demands of a successful career with the responsibilities of family life.

However, Rouba’s passion for fashion and design never waned. In 2013, she embarked on a new venture that would showcase her creative prowess and entrepreneurial spirit. This marked the inception of Le Paradis Des Fous, her own fashion design company. As a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Rouba Saadeh breathed life into a concept store that would become a haven for artistic talent from around the world. Her vision brought together a diverse array of talents, creating a space where innovation and creativity thrived.

In a recent chapter of her career, Rouba Saadeh returned to the fold of ELIE SAAB in 2019. She was rehired by the fashion house and offered the esteemed position of senior Ready-to-Wear Coordinator. This return to the fashion powerhouse allowed her to continue making significant contributions to the industry, leveraging her experiences and expertise to excel in her current role.

Net Worth and Achievements

Rouba Saadeh’s journey from a graphic designer to a fashion maven has not only been marked by her creative talent but also by her success as an entrepreneur. While specific financial details remain private, an estimate of her net worth suggests a flourishing career in the fashion industry.

As of recent estimates, Rouba Saadeh’s net worth is believed to be approximately $2 million. Her wealth is attributed to various sources, including her work as a fashion designer and her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Rouba’s contributions to the fashion industry extend beyond her roles as a designer and CEO of Le Paradis Des Fous. Her ability to fuse artistic innovation with business acumen has led to the creation of a concept store that serves as a platform for emerging talents worldwide. This visionary venture not only showcases her dedication to fostering creativity but also contributes to the global fashion community.

While her career has been marked by notable achievements, such as her role as a senior Ready-to-Wear Coordinator at ELIE SAAB, specific awards or recognitions attributed to Rouba Saadeh remain less publicized. However, her influence within the fashion realm is undeniable, and her success as an entrepreneur and designer has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Current Life and Personal Growth

Rouba Saadeh’s life today is a testament to her ability to navigate the intricate tapestry of career and family, all while continuing to make her mark in the world of fashion.

Rouba Saadeh

Currently, Rouba resides in her native Lebanon, where she finds herself deeply connected to her roots. Her presence in Lebanon is not only a personal choice but also a professional one. She has found a compelling role within the esteemed fashion house of ELIE SAAB, a brand known for its exquisite designs and high fashion. Her position as a senior Ready-to-Wear Coordinator at ELIE SAAB reflects her ongoing commitment to the industry and her dedication to creating fashion that resonates with a global audience.

One of Rouba’s most significant and cherished roles is that of a co-parent to her two sons, Marcos Morrone and Brandon Morrone, whom she shares with her former husband, Michele Morrone. Her dedication to ensuring their well-being and providing a loving and stable environment underscores her role as a devoted mother. The bond she shares with her children continues to be a source of strength and inspiration in her life.

In addition to her roles at ELIE SAAB and as a mother, Rouba Saadeh’s career is marked by her entrepreneurial spirit. As the co-founder and former CEO of Le Paradis Des Fous, her concept store continues to thrive, providing a platform for emerging talents from diverse backgrounds to showcase their creativity. While the exact extent of her involvement in the venture may have evolved over the years, her vision for fostering innovation and artistic expression remains at its core.

Comparison with Michele Morrone

In the world of fame and creativity, Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone represent two distinct paths that have converged and diverged over time. A brief comparison between their career achievements and post-divorce lives provides insight into their journeys.

Career Achievements

Rouba Saadeh’s career trajectory is marked by her evolution from a graphic designer to a celebrated fashion designer and entrepreneur. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to blend artistic innovation with business acumen led to the creation of Le Paradis Des Fous, a concept store that serves as a platform for emerging talents in the fashion industry. Rouba’s contributions to the fashion world showcase her resilience, creativity, and commitment to her craft.

Michele Morrone, on the other hand, is a versatile artist known for his roles as an actor, singer, and model. He gained international recognition for his portrayal of Massimo Torricelli in the Netflix hit, “365 Days.” Michele’s journey in the entertainment industry is marked by his charisma and multifaceted talents, which have propelled him to stardom.

Post-Divorce Lives and Relationships

Following their divorce, both Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone embarked on separate journeys in their personal lives and relationships. Michele has publicly declared his single status, focusing on his career and co-parenting responsibilities. While there have been rumors and speculations about his romantic interests, including a playful moment with his “365 Days” co-star Anna Maria Siekelucka, Michele has largely kept his personal life private.

Rouba Saadeh's husband
Michele Morrone

Similarly, Rouba Saadeh also appears to be leading a single life post-divorce. There have been no reports of her being linked to any romantic relationships. Instead, she has continued to prioritize her career in fashion and her role as a dedicated mother to her children, maintaining a cordial relationship with Michele for the sake of their sons.

Personal Attributes and Appearance

Rouba Saadeh possesses a distinctive presence that sets her apart in both her personal and professional life. While specific details about her appearance may be limited, here are some key attributes:

Height: Rouba Saadeh stands at an estimated 5 feet 7 inches tall, exuding an air of confidence and elegance.
Weight: Her weight is reported to be approximately 55 kilograms, reflecting a healthy and well-maintained physique.

Eye Color: Rouba Saadeh’s eyes are described as dark brown, which likely adds depth and intensity to her gaze.
Hair Color: She has brown hair, which complements her overall appearance and style.
Tattoos: Rouba Saadeh is known to have tattoos on her wrist and some on the right side of her chest, adding a touch of personal flair to her appearance.


Rouba Saadeh’s life journey is a testament to the remarkable fusion of creativity, resilience, and dedication. From her early years in Lebanon to her evolution as a celebrated fashion designer and entrepreneur, Rouba’s story is one of unwavering determination and artistic passion.

Her career trajectory, from a graphic designer to the co-founder of Le Paradis Des Fous and her current role as a senior Ready-to-Wear Coordinator at ELIE SAAB, showcases her versatility and enduring commitment to the world of fashion. Rouba Saadeh’s ability to blend artistry with business acumen has not only propelled her to success but also positioned her as a source of inspiration for aspiring designers.

Her journey is equally profound. As a co-parent to her two sons, Marcos Morrone and Brandon Morrone, Rouba exemplifies the delicate balance between career and family life. Her dedication to her children and her ability to maintain a cordial relationship with her former husband, Michele Morrone, underscore her strength and commitment as a mother.

Beyond her connections and associations, Rouba Saadeh is an inspiring individual who has navigated life’s challenges with grace and determination. Her story encourages us to appreciate the multifaceted nature of her identity—a talented fashion designer, a devoted mother, and a woman who continues to make her mark in the world.

In unraveling the enigma of Rouba Saadeh, we discover not only a fashion luminary but also a symbol of resilience and success in the realms of both fashion and family. Her journey reminds us that one can excel in diverse facets of life, inspiring us to pursue our passions and dreams with unwavering determination. Rouba Saadeh is more than her connections; she is an individual who has carved her path in the world, and her story will continue to captivate and inspire those who follow in her footsteps.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Michele Morrone still married?

Ans- No, Michelle Morone & Rouba got separated in 2018. Since then, he is still unmarried.

Q. Is Rouba Saadeh Lebanese?

Ans- Yes, Rouba was born in Beirut, Lebanon.

Q. Does Michele Morrone have a wife?

Ans- No, Michelle Morrone does not have any wife after being separated from Rouba Saadeh.

Q. What height is Michele Morrone?

Ans- The height of Michele Morrone is 6’2” (6 feet 2 inches)

Q. Does Michele Morrone have a child?

Ans- Yes! Michelle Morrone does have children. Morrone wedlock with Rouba Saadeh shares two children Marcus and Brado.  

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