Rising YouTube Star Hassan Campbell, Height, Weight, Wife, Net Worth 2023

Hassan Campbell is one of the most controversial & rising YouTube stars, also known by the nickname Hassan “Poppy” Campbell. He is a popular YouTube personality and activist who gained prominence for his efforts in raising awareness about sexual abuse, violence, and corruption in the hip-hop community.

Despite his good intentions, Hassan Campbell’s rise to fame has also been plagued with controversies, including allegations of extortion, deceit, and fabrications. Factually, around 4.44 Lakh individuals are subscribers to his YouTube Channel.

He never got big support from his family as Hassan’s family was not super rich or powerful. Hassan Campbell is of mixed descent, infamously known as a former gangster who shares news & analysis of the political situation on his YouTube channel.

In this article, we will delve into the life and controversies of Hassan Campbell and examine the impact of his actions on his followers and the wider public.

Campbell Profile’s Summary

Date of BirthAugust 8, 1976 in the Bronx, New York
Age46 Years (As of Now)
QualificationNot Known
Nick NameHassan “Poppy” Campbell
Birth PlaceUnited States
Weight170 lbs
WifeLee Lee
Marital StatusDivorced
ProfessionYouTuber, Rapper
YouTube Subscribers4.44 Lakhs (Till Now)
Active SinceWatch Hassan Campbell’s Videos on YouTube
Instagram HandleFollow Hassan Campbell on Instagram
YouTube ChannelWatch Hassan Campbell Videos on YouTube
Twitter AccountFollow Hassan Campbell on Twitter

Hassan Campbell’s Youtube

Hassan Campbell is an American YouTuber who has garnered lots of fans on YouTube. He runs a channel named HASSAN CAMPBELL and is among the top-viewed personalities on YouTube.

Talking about his family, Hassan is quite a reserved person who rarely speaks about family members. Despite all this, he disclosed about his wife and children in a recently uploaded video on YouTube.

Hassan Campbell has been the subject of controversy before. He has a few notable criminal convictions. After a viral video of him, Hassan Campbell was arrested for attempted murder. Hassan Campbell confessed to taking g*n from the man who was allegedly trying to kill him.

After explaining his role in the case, Hassan Campbell explained it to the police. Despite his past troubles, Hassan is still able to make a successful YouTube career. Within one of his YouTube videos, Hassan has spoken out about his affiliation with the Zulu Nation and the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of its founder.

It is said that his rap career sharply increased due to his connection with Zulu affiliation and murder charges. And now, he is considered a highly influential figure in the YouTube community. Hassan is married to a beautiful lady, Lee Lee, and with their marriage, they have many children.

Hassan Campbell Early Life, Education & Family

Hassan Campbell was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He encountered poverty from an early age. Talking about his birth, Hassan Campbell was born on August 3, 1976, in the Bronx, New York. Unfortunately, he lost his father when he was just a child.

Even his mother was not in a good condition to take care of little Campbell in his early childhood. According to rumors, his mother was suffering from mental illness, so “Poppy” Campbell managed mostly all things by himself.

Growing up in a rough neighborhood, Hassan had to learn to navigate the streets from a young age, often getting involved in fights and hustling to make ends meet.

As he got older, Hassan got more involved in the hip-hop culture, going to events like concerts, battles, and parties where he met many big names in the industry. He came into the shadow of Africa Bambaataa, a hip-hop legend, during his formative years.

The education qualification of Hassan Campbell is still unknown to the public as he never lets such kinds of things out for public attention. Regardless of all such, he appears to be well-educated, disseminating critical news and information about politics & others among the audience. 

How old is Campbell Currently (Age)?

Hassan Campbell is a reserved kind of personality who rarely discloses any information about his family, wife, children, and others. However, as per the date of birth circulating in the public domain, he could be around 47 years old.

Hassan Campbell

Who is the Hassan Campbell’s Wife?

Mr. Campbell is married to a beautiful lady LEE LEE. It was unknown to public attention until a video was posted on 31st March 2021. In the video, he states that they are no longer a partner as she gave divorce to him. They got separated after 25 years of a long married life.

Mr. Hassan elaborated on the reason for the separation of the couple in that video. He stated that she was leaving him because someone had disclosed some information about his wife and informed child protective services. In their wedlock, they have children, but the number is still unknown.

Moreover, he has been accused of child abuse and violence, although these allegations are denied by him in his YouTube video.

Hassan Zodiac Sign

The celebrity is said to be a Leo if we assume 3rd August 1976 as his actual date of birth. Leos are said to possess the character of leaders suggested by the Lion as part of their sign. They have great pride, confidence, happiness, and joy in their personality. Some of the characteristics of this zodiac are clearly visible in the strong character of the YouTuber.

Hassan Campbell Net Worth in 2023

Hassan Campbell has become an influential YouTuber, rapper & political analyst. Currently, he has almost 4.57 Lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. So, it could be concluded that the primary source of income is YouTube Channel. According to reports, his estimated net worth is calculated around 500k dollars.

However, the other sources of income are yet to be known. He is living his luxurious life with the incoming from the YouTube Channel based on sharing news from credible sources. 

Hassan’s Patreon Account

The YouTube Star has a Patreon account and is well-liked by his followers. As a YouTuber, his goals are to share the latest news from credible sources and have meaningful conversations within his community. His fame and reputation have helped him to garner a lot of followers, estimated at least 4.44 Lakhs.

In the short bio of Patreon’s account, he claims to be a former gangster who has changed his life by altering his thought process & way of living life. Upon connecting with him, the individuals will get solutions to some problems that are commonly found in black communities. He is in the position to confront many issues, such as pedophilia, conspiracies, gang banging, etc., and offer suitable solutions. He claims to provide political analysis from a street perspective.

Talking about the same, Campbell claims that he has two primary goals for being a YouTuber, one is to give his audience news from a credible source, and the other is to create a place where he can interact with viewers & offers holistic solutions facing issues related to family, politics, and street.


Despite facing several problems, he managed himself and stood as a Star. Basically, life is not plain; you will encounter several ups & downs in the journey. But, it depends upon you; either you want to stand up and fight against the odds or just leave it just as it is. In the case of Campbell, he stood up and fought against several odds, and now he is in a position to live a luxurious life.

Why Hassan Campbell’s Youtube Channel is Removed/ Deleted from Youtube

Check here the reason why Hassan Campbell’s Youtube Channel is Removed/ Deleted from Youtube:

Questions Mostly Asked About Hassan Campbell

Q. How many followers does Hassan Campbell have?

Ans- Currently, Hassan Campbell’s YouTube Channel has garnered 4.28 Lakhs Subscribers or Followers.

Q. What is Hassan Campbell’s IG?  

Ans- (@teamhasssancampbell) is the Instagram Handle ID.

Q. How many Followers Does Hassan “Poppy” Campbell have?

Ans- Till now, Hassan’s YouTube has gained around 444K with 2.9K new subscribers in the last 30 days.

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