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Diane Ramirez, a luminary in the world of real estate, stands as a testament to passion, innovation, and leadership. With over 35 years of experience, her journey from Palm Beach to becoming the Chief Strategy Officer at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New York Properties is a narrative of unwavering commitment and trailblazing vision.

As the Chief Strategy Officer at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New York Properties, Diane Ramirez plays a pivotal role in expanding the brand’s influence not only within the bustling streets of New York City but also on a global scale. Her strategic acumen is the driving force behind forging and maintaining partnerships, contributing significantly to the brand’s growth and prominence.

What sets Diane Ramirez apart is not just her illustrious career but the unique combination of qualities she brings to the table.

  1. Visionary Leadership: Co-founder of Halstead Real Estate, Diane is a visionary leader who revolutionized the industry by blending advanced technology with timeless elegance.
  2. Global Influence: Her influence extends beyond local markets, evident in her role as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, a global community with over 550 independent firms.
  3. Commitment to Excellence: Recognized by prestigious organizations like REBNY and Inman, Diane’s commitment to excellence, both in her professional and humanitarian endeavors, sets a benchmark for the real estate industry.

Professional Journey

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Co-founding Halstead Real Estate

1. Vision for a High-End, Technologically Advanced Firm

Diane Ramirez’s professional odyssey commenced with the founding of Halstead Real Estate in the Fall of 1984. Alongside Clark Halstead, her vision was groundbreaking – to establish a high-end real estate firm that seamlessly melded advanced technology with old-world charm. This vision set the stage for innovation and excellence in an industry traditionally resistant to change.

2. Growth from a Local Firm to a Major Player in the Real Estate Market

Guided by Ramirez’s strategic prowess, Halstead Real Estate shattered conventions. It became the pioneer in utilizing storefront offices in Manhattan, marking the inception of a customer-centric approach. The firm, driven by a commitment to covering all market segments, rapidly expanded across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, the Hamptons, Hudson Valley, New Jersey, and Fairfield County, Connecticut. Diane Ramirez’s thoughtful leadership strategically grew the firm from its initial goal of three storefront offices to its current stature with three dozen strategically located offices housing over 1,400 agents.

Acquisition by Terra Holdings in 2001

In 2001, Diane Ramirez, alongside her co-founder Clark Halstead, steered Halstead Real Estate through a pivotal moment – the acquisition by Terra Holdings. This strategic move not only injected new resources into the firm but also laid the foundation for an expansive growth trajectory, propelling Halstead Real Estate to become the industry giant it is today.

Current Role and Responsibilities at Berkshire Hathaway

Diane Ramirez’s journey extends beyond the realm of Halstead Real Estate. In her current capacity as the Chief Strategy Officer at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New York Properties, she shoulders the responsibility of expanding the brand’s reach. Her role encompasses seeking and maintaining partnerships not only within the dynamic landscape of New York City but on a global scale.

Industry Recognition

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Awards and Honors

Diane Ramirez’s indelible mark on the real estate industry is underscored by a plethora of accolades, recognizing her outstanding contributions and leadership.

REBNY Honors: Multiple awards from the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), including recognition for leadership, humanitarianism, and significant contributions to the industry and community organizations.

Inman and Swanepoel Power 200: Acknowledged by industry stalwarts such as Inman and inclusion in the prestigious Swanepoel Power 200, a testament to her influence and impact on the real estate landscape.

Leadership in Various Real Estate Organizations

Diane Ramirez’s leadership extends far beyond her role at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New York Properties, encompassing pivotal positions in prominent real estate organizations.

REBNY Board of Directors: Co-chair of the residential brokerage board of directors at the Real Estate Board of New York, showcasing her influential role in shaping the industry’s standards.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®: Chairman of the Board of Directors for Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, demonstrating her global leadership and collaboration with top executives worldwide.

Recognition by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

Diane’s impact on a global scale is epitomized by her recognition within Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®.

Leadership Award: Presented with the Leadership Award, a testament to her outstanding achievements as a member broker within Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®.

Personal Brand and Values

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Involvement in State Real Estate Boards and Ethical Committees

Diane Ramirez’s personal brand is synonymous with ethical leadership and active involvement in shaping industry standards.

Governor Appointee – Department of State Real Estate Board: Appointed by the Governor in 2010, Diane Ramirez has been an active member of the Department of State Real Estate Board, demonstrating her commitment to governance and regulatory excellence.

REBNY Committees: Integral role on various committees within the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), including Ethics, Education, and Admissions, showcasing her dedication to upholding ethical standards and fostering professional development.

Active Participation in Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

Diane’s commitment to global collaboration and excellence is evident through her active engagement with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®.

Chairman of the Board of Directors: As the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ramirez plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction of this global community of over 550 independent real estate firms, fostering collaboration, and setting industry benchmarks.

Global Community Building: Actively participating in a global community of real estate executives, Diane Ramirez contributes to the growth and development of the real estate industry on an international scale, bringing a wealth of experience and insights.

Commitment to Continuing Education and Global Community Building

Diane’s personal values shine through in her commitment to education, both for herself and the broader real estate community.

Accredited Continuing Education Teacher: Serving as an accredited continuing education teacher for the state, Diane Ramirez contributes to the professional development of fellow real estate practitioners, emphasizing the importance of ongoing learning.

Global Reach through LeadingRE: With more than 20 years of active membership in Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, Ramirez actively participates in building a global network of real estate professionals, fostering a community of learning and collaboration.

Interview Insights

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Entry into the Industry and Love for Real Estate

Diane Ramirez’s journey into the real estate industry is a tale of serendipity fueled by a genuine passion for the field.

Life-Altering Decision: Ramirez’s foray into real estate was sparked when her two children started full-time school. Recognizing the excitement within the real estate sector, she took a leap of faith, enrolled in a class, and that marked the beginning of a love affair with real estate.

Passion-Driven Career: Driven by her passion for the industry, Ramirez’s career trajectory evolved from being an agent in Palm Beach, Florida, to becoming a prominent figure in the heart of real estate, New York City.

Embracing Technology Trends

Diane’s forward-thinking approach is evident in her proactive embrace of technological advancements within the real estate landscape.

Frontline of Technology: Recognizing the pivotal role of technology in reaching buyers and captivating sellers, Ramirez and her team at Halstead Real Estate were pioneers in adopting innovative trends.

Tech-Driven Office Experience: Initiatives like touch screens in offices, mobile-optimized websites, and early adoption of video as a means to showcase properties highlight Ramirez’s commitment to creating immersive technology experiences for clients.

Business Inspiration and Vision for the Future

Diane Ramirez’s business acumen and visionary leadership have shaped her career and continue to guide her towards the future.

Industry Transformation in the 80s: Ramirez’s inspiration for entering the real estate business was fueled by a desire to transform an industry that, in the 80s, lacked innovation and forward-thinking. Together with Clark Halstead, they aimed to introduce technology and marketing to revolutionize the landscape.

Halstead’s Vision: The vision for Halstead Real Estate was not merely to be a real estate firm but a transformative force. Ramirez and Halstead envisioned a high-end firm utilizing technology, covering all market segments, and located in the heart of the communities they served.

Future Vision for Halstead: Looking ahead, Ramirez envisions strategic growth, intelligent risk-taking, and a continued focus on creating innovative technology. Her commitment to maintaining the familial company culture remains steadfast as Halstead Real Estate navigates the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Key Initiatives and Achievements

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Strategic Partnerships

Diane’s strategic acumen and foresight are evident in the key partnerships she has fostered, contributing significantly to the success of Halstead Real Estate and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New York Properties.

Leading Global Partnerships: Strategic collaborations with industry giants such as Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) and Mayfair in London showcase Ramirez’s commitment to global reach and influence.

Local Presence with Industry Leaders: Partnerships with local entities like StreetEasy, Zillow, Trulia, and The New York Times reflect an understanding of the importance of being omnipresent in the digital landscape, ensuring the firm’s visibility where potential buyers are searching.

Diverse Platforms with Zumper: Expanding the firm’s reach to diverse platforms like Zumper demonstrates a proactive approach to adapting to changing consumer behaviors and preferences.

Maintaining Company Culture

Diane Ramirez places a premium on preserving the unique culture of Halstead Real Estate, ensuring it remains a close-knit, family-like environment.

Organic Growth and Cultural Preservation: From its humble beginnings with three storefront offices, Ramirez and her team grew Halstead organically. Despite expansion, the firm has retained its initial culture – one that values collaboration and familial bonds.

Employee Well-being and Engagement: Fostering a family-like environment involves prioritizing the well-being and engagement of employees. Ramirez’s leadership style ensures that the company remains not just a workplace but a community.

Overcoming Challenges, Especially During the Recession

Diane’s leadership was put to the test during challenging times, notably during the recession. Her ability to navigate and overcome challenges showcases resilience and strategic thinking.

Swift Response to Economic Downturn: The 2008 recession hit New York City hard and fast. Ramirez’s leadership during this period involved swift evaluation of the firm’s needs and empowering agents to persevere, demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity.

Empowering Agents During Tough Times: Ramirez’s approach to overcoming challenges involved empowering her agents, encouraging them to take one step at a time. This emphasis on resilience and forward momentum contributed to the firm’s ability to weather the economic storm.

Motivational Strategies

Leading by Example

Diane Ramirez’s leadership style is marked by a commitment to setting a powerful example for her team.

Hands-On Leadership: Ramirez believes in leading from the front, actively participating in the industry and embodying the values she promotes within her team.

Demonstrating Excellence: By consistently delivering excellence in her own endeavors, Ramirez instills a culture of high standards and continuous improvement within the organization.

Personal Responsibility for Motivation

Motivation is a personal journey, and Ramirez acknowledges the role of personal responsibility in staying motivated.

Taking Ownership: Ramirez emphasizes the importance of each individual taking ownership of their motivation. This includes setting personal goals, staying focused, and being accountable for one’s professional journey.

Cultivating Intrinsic Motivation: Encouraging individuals to find intrinsic motivation, Ramirez believes that the most enduring drive comes from within. This philosophy fosters a sense of personal responsibility and empowerment.

Career Advice: Never Lose Your Passion

Diane Ramirez distills her extensive experience into valuable advice for those navigating the real estate industry.

Passion as a Driving Force: Ramirez’s counsel centers around the enduring power of passion. Regardless of challenges or successes, she advises professionals to hold onto their passion for the industry as a guiding force.

Sustaining Enthusiasm: In an industry that demands resilience, Ramirez’s advice to never lose one’s passion is a reminder to sustain enthusiasm, even during the most challenging moments.

Wholehearted Focus: Her motto, “Be in the Moment,” serves as a reminder to give 100% focus to the task at hand, whether it be professional responsibilities or personal interactions.

Personal Insights

Motto: “Be in the Moment”

Diane Ramirez’s personal philosophy is encapsulated in a simple yet profound motto.

Present-Minded Focus: The motto “Be in the Moment” reflects Ramirez’s commitment to giving her full attention and dedication to the task at hand, whether it’s a professional endeavor or a personal interaction.

Wholehearted Engagement: This ethos underscores the importance of being fully present, allowing for a deeper and more meaningful connection with both work and personal aspects of life.

Role Model: Husband, Sam Ramirez

Behind Diane’s success stands a personal source of inspiration.

Business and Personal Mentor: Sam Ramirez, Diane’s husband, serves not only as a life partner but also as a business and personal mentor. His influence extends beyond the professional realm, impacting Ramirez’s approach to leadership and life.

Shared Values: The role of Sam Ramirez in Diane’s life highlights the significance of shared values and mutual support in both personal and professional spheres.

Current Passions and Interests in Real Estate

Diane Ramirez’s enduring passion for real estate continues to shape her daily pursuits.

Unwavering Passion: Even after more than three decades in the industry, Ramirez maintains an unwavering passion for real estate. This passion serves as a driving force in her commitment to innovation and excellence.

Dynamic Industry Engagement: Actively participating in industry trends and advancements, Ramirez’s current interests involve staying at the forefront of real estate technology and ensuring her firm remains a pioneer in providing cutting-edge experiences for clients.

Evergreen Enthusiasm: Her current pursuits underscore that real estate is not just a career but a lifelong passion that continues to evolve and inspire.

Community Involvement and Service

Recognition by Various Organizations

Diane’s commitment to community service has not gone unnoticed, earning her recognition from several prestigious organizations.

REBNY, New York Moves, City & State, and OTTY: Acknowledged by the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), New York Moves, City & State, and the OTTY awards, Ramirez’s community service has been lauded by key institutions within the real estate and civic spheres.

Support for Social Causes

Diane Ramirez extends her impact beyond the real estate realm, actively supporting causes that uplift and empower communities.

Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter: Ramirez’s involvement with the Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter, as evidenced by the Celine Marcus Community Service Award, showcases her dedication to addressing homelessness and providing support to those in need.

Valerie Fund: Alongside her husband, Sam Ramirez, Diane is a longstanding supporter of the Valerie Fund in New Jersey. This organization, dedicated to assisting children with cancer, has recognized the couple’s outstanding involvement and dedication, further solidifying their commitment to philanthropy.

Humanitarian Awards and Community Service Acknowledgments

Diane Ramirez’s impact on humanitarian efforts has garnered her prestigious awards and acknowledgments.

REBNY’s Kenneth R. Gerrety Humanitarian Award: REBNY recognized Ramirez’s community service with the Kenneth R. Gerrety Humanitarian Award, showcasing her deep involvement in charitable activities.

New York Moves ‘Power Women’ Honor: New York Moves honored Ramirez with the ‘Power Women’ distinction, highlighting her influential role as a woman making a difference in the community.

City & State ‘CSR Responsible 100’ and OTTY ‘Eastsider of the Year’ Award: Acknowledgments from City & State’s ‘CSR Responsible 100’ and the OTTY ‘Eastsider of the Year’ Award further underscore Ramirez’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and her positive impact on the East Side community.


Recap of Diane Ramirez’s Journey and Contributions

Diane’s journey through the real estate industry is a testament to vision, leadership, and unwavering commitment. From co-founding Halstead Real Estate with Clark Halstead to her current role as Chief Strategy Officer at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New York Properties, Ramirez has left an indelible mark on the real estate landscape.

Her strategic initiatives, including pioneering partnerships, fostering a unique company culture, and overcoming challenges, have not only shaped the success of her firms but have also set benchmarks for the industry. Recognition from prestigious organizations like REBNY, New York Moves, and City & State underscores her influence and contributions.

Future Outlook for Diane Ramirez and Her Role in the Real Estate Industry

Looking ahead, Diane’s future in the real estate industry continues to be one marked by strategic growth, intelligent risk-taking, and a commitment to innovation. Her visionary leadership, combined with a passion for embracing technology trends, positions her as a driving force in shaping the future of real estate.

As Chairman of the Board of Directors at Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, Ramirez will likely continue to play a pivotal role in fostering global collaboration and setting industry standards. Her commitment to maintaining a familial company culture ensures that her impact extends beyond business success to the well-being and engagement of her team.


Q. How did Diane Ramirez get her start in the real estate industry?

Ans: Diane Ramirez started her career in real estate as a receptionist for a small brokerage firm in New York City.

Q. How long has Diane Ramirez been the CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder of Halstead Real Estate?

Ans: Diane Ramirez co-founded Halstead Real Estate in 1984 and has been the CEO and Chairman ever since.

Q. What is Halstead Real Estate known for?

Ans: Halstead Real Estate is known for its innovative approach to real estate, cutting-edge technology, exceptional customer service, and unparalleled market knowledge.

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