DMLT Full Form 2022 | How Does It Fulfill the Aspiration of Science Students?

DMLT Full Form: In today’s time, most of the students give importance to the professional course, and most of the students prefer to do a professional course in the field of medicine. If you are also interested in the medical field and want to pursue a medical course, then DMLT Course can be a good career option for you. After this course, you can make a good future in the health sector.

If you want to do the DMLT course, then read this article till the end. In this article, I am going to give you complete information related to DMLT courses like DMLT Full Form, what is DMLT course, how to do a DMLT course, and what is the qualification for doing a DMLT course? How much is the fee for doing this course?

DMLT Full Form in Hindi

DMLT का Full Form “Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology” होता है। वही कही कही पर इस कोर्स को Diploma in Laboratory और Diploma in Lab Technology भी कहा जाता है।

What is DMLT Course (DMLT Course Details)

DMLT is a paramedical course. The duration of this course is of 2 years. In this course, students are given all kinds of information related to the medical laboratory. Along the course, students get information related to how to do a blood test, urine test, sputum test, and body fluids training. In this course, students are also taught well about the machines used to detect disease in the body.

If you want to make your future in pathology as a Medical Lab Technician, then DMLT will prove to be a good course for you.

DMLT Course Eligibility

To do a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, i.e., DMLT course, you have to pass 12th class with a minimum of 50% marks in Biology subject.

Friends, let me tell you this course can be done by only those students who have passed the 12th class in biology subject. This course cannot be done by those students who have passed 12th with maths, commerce, arts.

So if you have already decided that you want to do the DMLT course, then you should study with Biology subject so that you can easily be admitted to the DMLT course.

DMLT Course Fees

DMLT course fees are different in all colleges. If you do this course from a government college, then its fees may be slightly less. Similarly, if you do this course from a private college, then its fees will be higher than the government institute.

It may cost you 20,000 to 1 lakh rupees to do this course. It is just an indicative figure. The exact fee of this course will be known only by visiting the college.

DMLT Course Admission Process

Admission to the DMLT program is available in two ways, first on the basis of merit and second based on entrance examinations. In most of the colleges, admission is given to the DMLT course by considering your marks in 12th. But, in other colleges like NIMS and government colleges, students have to pass the entrance exam to get admission to the DMLT program.

If you want to do this course from a private college, you can go directly and get admitted to this course. But if you want to do this course from any government college, you may also have to give an entrance exam.

What are the Top Colleges for DMLT Program?

At present, there is no shortage of colleges offering this course. You can choose any college according to your convenience. But before selecting the college, you should collect good information about the college. First of all, you should get proper information about the accreditation of that college. After that, you also see the facilities there like practical labs, etc.

Friends, now we know the names of some good colleges in India which are the best to do this course.

(a) NIMS University, Jaipur
(b) Adarsh ​​Paramedical College, Amritsar
(c) Rohilkhand Medical College, Bareilly

(d) Om Sai Paramedical College, Haryana
(e) Utkarsh Paramedical Institute, Nagpur
(f) Bangalore Medical College and Research Center

(g) ERA Medical College and Hospital, Lucknow
(h) Gajanan Paramedical Institute, Raipur Chhattisgarh
(i) Adarsh ​​Paramedical Institute, Maharashtra
(j) Ayushman Institute of Medical Science and Nursing, Rajasthan

These are the names of some colleges where one can study the DMLT program. Apart from this, there are many other popular colleges, about which it is a bit difficult to tell. Friends, you can do this course at both government and private colleges. You will get direct admission to a private college, and to get admission to a government college, you have to pass the entrance exam.

Career After DMLT Course

After doing this course, you have many career options open to you. After this course, students easily get a job in any hospital or pathology lab. You can do the job of a Lab Technician in any hospital, pathology center, healthcare center, and research center of the university or college.

After doing this course, you will get many job opportunities in the government and private sector. If you want to do further studies, then you can do that easily. But after pursuing the DMLT program, you will be able to do only the BMLT course. Know what the BMLT course is?

Friends, if you do not know about Lab Technician, then let me tell you, Lab Technician detects the disease of the body by examining body fluids like blood, urine, etc.

You must have seen that whenever the doctor could not figure out the disease, he asks you to go to the pathology lab to get the blood test done. Where a Lab Technician prepares and gives report of your blood tests.

Salary after DMLT

After pursuing this course, if you do a job in a private institution, then you will get a salary of Rs 10,000 to 15,000 per month in the beginning. But if you work in any government sector, then your salary will be a bit higher. Friends, you may get less salary in the beginning, but as your experience in this field increases, your will salary also increase. This kind of field give more value to the experience individuals.

Concluding Words on DMLT Full Form

Friends, now you have learned very well What DMLT program is? In this article, we went through the DMLT Full Form, what is DMLT Course (DMLT Course Details in Hindi), DMLT Course Qualification, Fees, Career Options after DMLT program in detail. I hope you must have liked the information related to the DMLT course given by us. If you like the information, then definitely share it, and if you have any kind of question or suggestion related to this article, then definitely tell us by commenting. Thank you for reading our article.

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