Elizabeth Ann Weber: The Manager Who Shaped Billy Joel’s Early Career Know Her Personal Life & Legacy

The first wife of well-known American singer Billy Joel was a model named Elizabeth Ann Weber. She significantly impacted Joel’s early career and contributed to his growth into a famous performer.

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Early Life and Career:

On February 2, 1942, Elizabeth Ann Weber was born in the US. She started as a model and worked for some fashion magazines and brands. She met Billy Joel in the early 1970s while he was trying to establish himself as a musician.

Relationship with Billy Joel:

Billy Joel and Elizabeth Ann Weber started dating in 1970, and on September 5, 1973, they were married. She was hired as Billy Joel’s manager and significantly impacted his career. She had a crucial role in helping him secure his first recording deal with Columbia Records and his first hit track, “Piano Man.”

Billy Joel and Elizabeth Ann Weber’s marriage started to be tasteless in 1976, and they eventually divorced in 1982. In 1985, the divorce was legally finalized. Elizabeth Ann Weber maintained a low profile and avoided the spotlight following the divorce.

Personal Life:

Elizabeth Ann Weber was raised in a middle-class household in Hicksville, New York. Her parents were industrial workers and housewives. Her early years and schooling are little known; however, it is assumed that she attended college before deciding to become a model.

Billy Joel and Elizabeth Ann Weber were married for almost ten years, and they had two children together: Alexa Ray Joel, born in 1985, and a son who tragically passed away in 1978 not long after birth. She kept a low profile and led a secluded life after her divorce from Billy Joel.

Professional Career:

Early in the 1970s, Elizabeth Ann Weber began her modelling career. She worked as a model for various well-known fashion companies, including Vogue. Her actual calling, though, was in artist management. Early in the 1970s, she took on the position of Billy Joel’s manager and was crucial to his success.

Joel’s start recording deal with Columbia Records was made possible mainly by Elizabeth Ann Weber, who also assisted him in obtaining his first hit song, “Piano Man.” She was renowned for her forceful negotiation techniques and solid support for Joel’s career goals.

Elizabeth Ann Weber carried on managing artists after her divorce from Billy Joel. She organized many other musicians, including Phoebe Snow and former Wham! Member Andrew Ridgeley. However, she always had a different success with other artists than with Billy Joel.


The success of Billy Joel’s early career and Elizabeth Ann Weber’s management of him are primarily credited for her legacy. She was crucial in assisting Joel in becoming a recognized musician and obtaining his first No. 1 hit, “Piano Man.” 

She will always be known for her services to the music industry and for playing a significant role in Billy Joel’s career.


Billy Joel‘s early career was greatly influenced by the skilful artist manager Elizabeth Ann Weber. She was Joel’s trusted companion and a strong negotiator. Even though her ex-husband’s stardom mostly eclipsed her life and career, her contributions to the music industry will always be remembered. 

In the traditionally male-dominated music business, Elizabeth Ann Weber paved the way for other women and had a significant role in the early years of Billy Joel’s career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Billy Joel’s first wife still alive?

Ans: Yes, she is 81 years old as of now. She was born in 1942 in New York, the United States of America.

Q. What happened to Billy Joel’s first marriage?

Ans: They divorced in 1982 after staying together for nine years.

Q. How long was Billy Joel married to his first wife?

Ans: 9 Years. 

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