Glenda Bautista: The Woman Behind Dave Bautista’s Success Know Her Early Life, Career & Family Background

Most people know Glenda Bautista as the ex-wife of Dave Bautista, a retired professional wrestler and American actor. Glenda has played a crucial role in Dave’s rise to fame while leading a private presence.

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Early Life and Education:

Although Glenda Bautista was born in the Philippines, little is known about her birthplace, family history, or birth date. Additionally, it is still being determined where she went to school.


Glenda’s professional history needs to be clarified, and it’s not known what she did for a living before she married Dave. Nevertheless, she was active in Dave’s life and profession after marriage.

Family Background:

Glenda’s family history is, regrettably, largely unknown. She needs to find out where her parents are from or whether she has any siblings. Her family history and early years are still unknown.

Marriage to Dave Bautista:

Glenda worked at a local gym in Washington, D.C., in the late 1980s, where she first met Dave Bautista. Dave was still a struggling bouncer and bodybuilder at the time. In 1990, when Dave was 22 and Glenda was 28, they were engaged and married.

They had two kids together: a daughter named Athena and a son named Keilani. The family resided in Northern Virginia, where Dave completed his professional wrestling training while working as a bouncer.

Divorce and Aftermath:

After eight years of marriage, Dave and Glenda filed for divorce in 1998. It is unknown why they split up in the public eye. Dave relocated to California after their divorce to pursue a career as a professional wrestler, which eventually led him to switch to acting.

Glenda Bautista has supported Dave’s career despite keeping a low profile since her divorce. In a 2014 interview, Dave acknowledged his appreciation for his ex-wife, saying that she played a crucial role in his career and gave his family stability while he was still a struggling wrestler.

Life After Divorce:

After her split with Dave Bautista, Glenda Bautista has generally avoided the spotlight. She may have stayed in Northern Virginia or what she did for a living after they broke up. She has reportedly maintained cordial contact with Dave and their kids, though.

Dave discussed his relationship with Glenda and how they had been able to successfully co-parent despite getting divorced in a 2019 interview. He declared that he had a great deal of respect for and love for his ex-wife and that they had been able to put their differences aside for the sake of their children.


Although Glenda Bautista’s legacy is not generally known, her influence on Dave Bautista’s life and profession must be considered. She was instrumental in moulding him into the man he is today and supported him through his early years as a struggling wrestler with her love, stability, and support.

Although almost little is known about Glenda’s personal and professional lives, she contributed significantly to Dave’s achievement, which will never be forgotten. Her influence on his life cannot be highlighted; she will always be part of his path.

Personal Life:

Glenda’s private life has remained primarily hidden after she and Dave divorced. Neither fact is known if she had a second marriage or more kids.


Even though Glenda Bautista isn’t well-known, her influence on Dave Bautista‘s early career cannot be understated. Throughout Dave’s early years as a wrestler, her unfailing love and support helped him succeed and grow into the household name he is today. Despite their separation, Dave has always praised Glenda and his mother, Donna Raye Bautista and credited her for his successes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How rich is Batista?

Ans: According to some sources, Batista has a Net Worth of $16 million.

Q. Is Dave Bautista still married?

Ans: Currently, he is single. 

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