Kori Madison Federline: The Eldest Daughter of Kevin Federline Know Her Early Life, Education & Career

Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson, an actress, had a daughter together, Kori Madison Federline. She is the oldest of Kevin Federline’s six kids and was born on July 31, 2002, in Los Angeles, California.

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Early Life and Family:

Shar Jackson, the mother of Kori, is a famous American actress and singer best known for her work on the TV show “Moesha.” After being together for a while, Shar and Kevin brought Kori into the world in 2002. 

Following their divorce, Kevin married music icon, Britney Spears, with whom he had two children: Sean Preston and Jayden James. In the years since Kevin and Britney’s divorce in 2007, Kevin and his wife, Victoria Prince, have had three further children.

Education and Career:

Information about Kori Madison Federline’s education and professional background remains secret. She might have pursued a career in the entertainment sector, though, given that she came from a family with connections to the industry.

Personal Life:

Kori Madison Federline will be a young adult in 2023 and will not have any open social media accounts. Consequently, nothing is known about her interpersonal relationships or personal life. She has, however, been seen with her family at open events, such as her father’s wedding to Victoria Prince in 2013.

Relationship with Father:

Kevin Federline, the father of Kori Madison Federline, and her get along well. Kevin has always prioritized his children’s welfare and maintains a tight relationship with them despite his high-profile partnerships and media exposure.

Personal Interests and Hobbies:

Although Kori Madison Federline’s interests and pastimes aren’t known to the general public, her family has been noticed accompanying her to public events and concerts, suggesting a potential interest in music and entertainment.

Siblings and Family:

Five of Kori Madison Federline’s siblings come from her father’s previous marriages. She has two half-brothers named Sean Preston and Jayden James from her father’s union with Britney Spears. From her father’s relationship with Victoria Prince, she has two half-sisters, Jordan Kay and Peyton Marie, and a half-brother, Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline.

Media Attention:

Kori Madison Federline has spent her entire life in the media’s limelight as a celebrity’s daughter. She has not received as much media attention as some siblings, but she has maintained a quiet profile.

Family Controversies:

The family of Kori Madison Federline has faced media scrutiny and conflicts throughout the years. Media outlets covered her father’s public divorce from Britney Spears and the ensuing custody dispute in great detail. Her father has also come under fire for having numerous relationships and having kids with various partners.

Charitable Work:

The public needs to be made aware of Kori Madison Federline’s involvement in philanthropic activity. However, her father has contributed to some good organizations, such as the Kevin Federline Foundation, which tries to support and give chances to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Net Worth of Kori Madison Federline

Since Kori Madison Federline is still a teenager and has yet to start a job, her net worth isn’t widely recognized. She does, however, come from a Hollywood family, and her father, Kevin Federline, is believed to be worth $6 million.


The oldest child of Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson is Kori Madison Federline. She was born in 2002 and grew up in a household connected to the entertainment industry. 

Although the specifics of Kori’s education, professional background, and personal life are unknown as of 2023, she still keeps a close relationship with her father. She has been sighted going to public events with her family.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How old is Kori Federline?

Ans: 21 years old.

Q. How many kids does Kevin Federline have with Shar?

Ans: Two kids.

Q. How old was Britney with her first child?

Ans: she was 24 years old. 

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