Harlene Rosen Biography: The First Wife of Woody Allen Know Her Early Life, Education & Career

The fact that Harlene Rosen was the first wife of Woody Allen, a well-known American actor, author, and director, makes her most famous. She was born in the US in 1954 and spent her formative years in New York City. 

This biography covers Harlene Rosen’s life, Career, upbringing, education, work, and accomplishments.

Early Life and Education

Born and grew up in New York City, Harlene Rosen. Little is known about her early years or educational history, even though she was raised in a Jewish family. She may have visited City College in New York, where she first met Woody Allen.

Personal Life and Career

After her split with Allen, Rosen mainly avoided the spotlight. She chose not to pursue a career in the entertainment industry or any other illustrious field. Her current whereabouts or activities are unknown because she has mostly kept her personal life private.

However, Rosen has become a more public opponent of Woody Allen in recent years, notably in the wake of accusations of sexual abuse against their daughter, Dylan Farrow. Rosen has criticized Allen’s actions and the way he treats women while expressing her support for Farrow.

Relationship with Woody Allen

When Rosen and Allen first started dating, he was starting his early 30s, and she was just 17 years old. Their relationship caused a stir in the media and the general public because of their stark age disparity. Despite the criticism, the pair persisted in their relationship, and in 1970 they were wed.

However, their relationship did not last long, and they divorced in 1971, a year after marriage. Their divorce’s causes are unknown, but the age gap and the demands of Allen’s expanding Career may have been factors. After her divorce from Allen, Rosen didn’t get remarried.


During their brief relationship, Harlene Rosen and Woody Allen had no children. Rosen did not remarry or have any children after their divorce. She does, however, have a child through Allen’s second union with Mia Farrow, named Dylan Farrow.

Later Life and Activism

Rosen generally withdrew from public view after her divorce from Allen. Little is known about her personal life or whereabouts in the years that followed because she chose not to pursue a career in show business or any other illustrious job.

Rosen has, however, increased his public presence in recent years, particularly in response to the Woody Allen sexual assault allegations. Dylan Farrow, who had accused Allen of abusing her as a child, received Rosen’s support. 

Rosen has expressed his disapproval of Allen’s conduct and the need to make him responsible for his deeds.

Physical Appearance

Little is known about the physical characteristics of Harlene Rosen. Rosen was a young woman with long, black hair and a slim physique at the time of her marriage to Woody Allen, according to photographs taken at the time. She was naturally attractive and possessed a period-appropriate sense of style that was classic and subtle.


Although Harlene Rosen didn’t have a very noteworthy profession or public profile, her relationship with Woody Allen and her status as his first wife has made her a fascinating figure in celebrity rumors.

 Over the years, there has been a lot of debate over her relationship with Allen and their disparate ages. Rosen has continued to be involved in the entertainment industry despite her divorce from Allen, albeit in a less central role. 

It is unclear what part she will play in the ongoing discussion regarding Allen’s legacy, and recent comments about Allen and her support for their daughter have once again thrust her into the spotlight.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who was Woody Allen’s first wife?

Ans: Harlene Rosen

Q. Does Woody Allen have kids?

Ans: four kids. 

Q. Who was married to Woody Allen?

Ans: Soon-Yi Previn, Louise Lasser, Harlene Rosen. 

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