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Lorenzo Gordon, a prominent American reality star and retired basketball power forward, has etched his name in the public eye through a multifaceted journey encompassing both the basketball court and the captivating realm of reality television. Born on May 16, 1983, in St. Louis, Missouri, Gordon’s life took an unexpected turn with recent developments that have captured the attention of fans and critics alike.

In the spotlight for his dynamic career in international basketball, Lorenzo Gordon’s story unfolds with intriguing chapters— from his collegiate basketball prowess to gracing the courts in Germany, Israel, Turkey, France, and Argentina. Beyond his athletic achievements, Gordon’s personal life, intertwined with reality TV star Brittish Williams, adds layers of complexity and drama to his narrative.

Recent events have cast a shadow over Gordon’s personal life as his ex-partner, Brittish Williams, faces legal troubles, resulting in a four-year prison sentence for tax fraud. Amidst the challenges and controversies, Lorenzo’s resilience and evolution into a reality television personality post-retirement provide a unique perspective on life beyond the basketball court.

This exploration will delve into Lorenzo Gordon’s early life, basketball career, high-profile relationship, legal challenges faced by Brittish Williams, and his post-retirement endeavors. Join us on this journey as we unravel the layers of Lorenzo’s compelling story, a tale marked by triumphs, setbacks, and the ever-evolving dynamics of fame and reality.

Lorenzo Gordon Wiki

BirthdateMay 16, 1983
BirthplaceSt. Louis, Missouri
Height6 ft 7 inches
NCAA Career Highlights– Averaged 16.27 points per game (2004-05)
– All-Missouri Valley Conference first team
– MVC Newcomer of the Year
Professional Career– Played internationally in Germany, Israel, Turkey, France, and Argentina
– Stints with Obras Sanitarias (Argentina) and Ramat HaSharon (Israel)
Relationship with Brittish Williams– Engagement in 2014 on “Basketball Wives”
– Breakup in May 2016 due to infidelity issues
– Participation in reality shows like “Basketball Wives LA” and “Marriage Boot Camp”
Personal Life– Daughter: Dash Dior Gordon (Born May 13, 2018)
– Breakup with Brittish Williams in 2019
Legal Issues– Brittish Williams sentenced to four years for tax fraud
– Lorenzo Gordon’s social media response to allegations
Post-Retirement Career– Transition to reality television
– Participation in “Basketball Wives LA” and other reality TV shows
Current Status– Age: 39 years old (as of 2023)
– Single status after breakup with Brittish Williams
– Net worth: $3.8 million (as per Wealthy Genius)

Early Life and Basketball Career of Lorenzo Gordon

Lorenzo Gordon
  1. Birthdate and Birthplace:
    • Lorenzo Gordon, a Taurus born on May 16, 1983, entered the world in the vibrant city of St. Louis, Missouri. This astrological detail adds a unique layer to the personality of the man who would later leave an indelible mark on the basketball court and reality television.
  2. Collegiate Basketball Journey:
    • Gordon’s love affair with basketball ignited during his college days, where he showcased his skills at three distinguished universities:
      • Mineral Area College: The foundational phase of his career.
      • Illinois State University: A pivotal step where he took part in the NCAA Tournament, earning accolades and recognition.
      • Oklahoma City University: Completing his college basketball circuit, Gordon’s journey in the NCAA solidified his reputation as a versatile power forward.
  3. Notable Achievements and Awards:
    • Lorenzo Gordon’s presence on the court was not just about physical stature; it was also marked by exceptional skill and contributions. Key highlights of his NCAA career include:
      • Averaging an impressive 16.27 points per game during the 2004-05 season.
      • Shooting at an outstanding 53.6%, showcasing his prowess on the court.
      • Recognition as part of the All-Missouri Valley Conference first team.
      • Honored as the MVC Newcomer of the Year and earning a spot on the MVC’s All-Newcomer team.

Professional Basketball Career

Lorenzo Gordon

Transition to the Professional Scene

Lorenzo Gordon’s journey from collegiate basketball excellence to the professional arena marked a significant transition in his career. Undrafted in 2006 out of Illinois State, he embraced the challenges and opportunities that awaited him on a global scale.

International Odyssey

  • Gordon’s quest for excellence led him to showcase his skills in various international leagues, becoming a sought-after power forward. His basketball prowess echoed in:
  • Germany: Gordon left an imprint on the courts, contributing to the success of teams in the German basketball scene.
  • Israel: His presence in Israeli basketball, particularly with teams like Ramat HaSharon, showcased his adaptability and skill set.
  • Turkey, France, and Argentina: Gordon’s odyssey extended to diverse basketball landscapes, leaving an impact in each country he graced.

Recent Plays: Obras Sanitarias (Argentina) and Ramat HaSharon (Israel)

Obras Sanitarias (Argentina): Gordon’s recent stint with Obras Sanitarias in Argentina showcased his enduring passion for the game. As a power forward wearing the number 6 jersey, he brought his trademark intensity to the South American courts.

Ramat HaSharon (Israel): Prior to his time in Argentina, Gordon contributed his skills to Ramat HaSharon in Israel during the 2016-17 season. His impact was not only felt on the court but also in the hearts of fans who recognized his dedication.

Relationship with Brittish Williams

Lorenzo Gordon
  1. Engagement and Proposal on “Basketball Wives” (2014):
    • In 2014, Lorenzo’s personal life took center stage as he made headlines with a heartfelt proposal on the renowned reality TV show “Basketball Wives.” The romantic gesture captured the attention of viewers and marked a pivotal moment in his relationship with Brittish Williams, a reality television personality.
  2. Challenges and Breakup (May 2016):
    • Despite the initial joyous moments, the couple faced tumultuous challenges, culminating in a heartbreaking breakup in May 2016. Infidelity issues strained their relationship, leading to a publicized separation that captured the interest of fans and media alike.
  3. Reality TV Presence: “Basketball Wives LA” and “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars”:
    • Lorenzo Gordon and Brittish Williams weren’t just a couple in the public eye; they were also featured prominently on reality television:
      • “Basketball Wives LA”: The couple’s journey unfolded on this elite television series, providing a glimpse into the highs and lows of their relationship within the glamorous backdrop of the basketball world.
      • “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars”: Seeking to mend their relationship, Lorenzo and Brittish participated in this reality show, offering viewers an intimate look at their struggles and efforts to reconcile.

Personal Life of Lorenzo Gordon

Lorenzo’s Daughter, Dash Dior Gordon (Born May 13, 2018): The personal life of Lorenzo Gordon took on a new dimension with the joyous arrival of his daughter, Dash Dior Gordon, born on May 13, 2018. The addition of Dash to the family brought moments of joy and responsibility, shaping Gordon’s journey as a father.

Insights into Relationship with Brittish Williams and Breakup (2019): Lorenzo’s personal narrative intertwines with his relationship with reality TV star Brittish Williams.

  • Breakup in 2019: Following a series of ups and downs, Lorenzo and Brittish faced the challenging decision to part ways in 2019. The breakup marked the conclusion of a chapter in their lives, bringing both closure and new beginnings.
  • Navigating Parenthood: While separated from Brittish Williams, Lorenzo continues to play an active role in the life of Dash Dior Gordon. Parenthood became a shared journey, demonstrating Gordon’s commitment to his daughter’s well-being.

Legal Issues with Brittish Williams

Lorenzo Gordon

Summary of Brittish Williams’ Legal Troubles

In a shocking turn of events, Brittish Williams, the reality TV star and former partner of Lorenzo Gordon, found herself entangled in legal complications:

  • Tax Fraud Charges: Brittish Williams faced a series of serious allegations, including tax evasion, identity theft, and under-reporting business income.
  • Federal Indictment (2021): Federal prosecutors indicted Williams in 2021, accusing her of continued fraudulent activities even after her initial indictment. This included obtaining pandemic-related rent relief and submitting fabricated medical bills to an insurance company.
  • Sentencing: During her sentencing, Williams and her attorney pleaded for leniency, expressing remorse and concern for her daughter. However, Judge Henry Autrey emphasized Williams’ “fraudulent mentality” and sentenced her to four years in federal prison.

Lorenzo’s Response on Social Media

Lorenzo Gordon took to social media to address the allegations made by Brittish Williams against him:

  • Denial of Neglect: Responding to Williams’ claims about neglecting their daughter and not providing child support, Gordon refuted the accusations.
  • Allegations of Threats: Gordon shared that Williams’ current boyfriend had allegedly threatened to harm him in front of their daughter, leading him to prioritize maintaining peace by not seeing his daughter.
  • Confirmation of Legal Outcome: Gordon referenced Williams’ legal situation, highlighting that she was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to 15 federal charges for fraud.

Post-Retirement Career

Transition to Reality Television

After concluding his successful career on the basketball court, Lorenzo seamlessly transitioned into the dynamic realm of reality television. This shift marked a new chapter in his public presence, allowing fans to witness a different facet of his personality beyond the athleticism that defined his earlier years.

Participation in “Basketball Wives LA” and Beyond

“Basketball Wives LA”: Lorenzo Gordon became a notable cast member of the esteemed television series “Basketball Wives LA,” offering viewers an intimate look into his life beyond the basketball arena. The show, known for its blend of drama and reality, allowed Gordon to share his journey, including personal relationships and the challenges of navigating life post-retirement.

Other Reality TV Shows: Lorenzo’s venture into reality TV extended beyond “Basketball Wives LA.” His willingness to engage with diverse reality formats, including shows like “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” further solidified his presence in the television landscape.

Unveiling the Man Behind the Athlete

The transition from a professional athlete to a reality television personality provided Lorenzo Gordon with a platform to showcase different aspects of his life, including relationships, personal struggles, and moments of triumph. As a reality TV star, he invited audiences to join him on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Where is Lorenzo Now? (Current Status)

Lorenzo’s Present Age

As of 2023, Lorenzo Gordon stands at 39 years old. Born on May 16, 1983, under the zodiac sign Taurus, he continues to navigate life’s journey with a wealth of experiences garnered both on and off the basketball court.

Confirmation of Single Status After Breakup with Brittish Williams

In the aftermath of a high-profile breakup with reality TV star Brittish Williams, Lorenzo’s relationship status has evolved. Presently, he navigates life as a single individual, embracing the opportunities for personal growth and new experiences.

Net Worth Estimation

Lorenzo Gordon’s financial standing reflects the success he achieved during his basketball career and his subsequent ventures. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be an impressive $3.8 million, according to Wealthy Genius. This financial milestone underscores not only his prowess on the basketball court but also his strategic choices in the realm of reality television and other endeavors.


In exploring the life and journey of Lorenzo Gordon, we have uncovered a tapestry woven with triumphs, challenges, and the intricate threads of personal and professional evolution. From the basketball courts of Missouri to the glitzy stages of reality television, Lorenzo’s story is one of resilience, adaptation, and the constant pursuit of authenticity.

Recap of Key Points

  • Basketball Legacy: Lorenzo’s journey began on the courts of Mineral Area College, Illinois State University, and Oklahoma City University, where he left an indelible mark on NCAA basketball, earning accolades and recognition for his skill and versatility.
  • International Odyssey: A transition to the global stage saw Lorenzo making impactful contributions to teams in Germany, Israel, Turkey, France, and Argentina, leaving an enduring legacy as a power forward.
  • Romance and Reality TV: His engagement to Brittish Williams, featured on “Basketball Wives,” unfolded into a tumultuous relationship documented on reality shows like “Basketball Wives LA” and “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.”
  • Parenthood and Legal Challenges: Lorenzo’s personal life expanded with the birth of his daughter, Dash Dior Gordon, amidst the challenges of co-parenting. Legal issues surrounding Brittish Williams added layers of complexity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Did Lorenzo play in the NBA?

Ans: Lorenzo became an Unrestricted FA after being undrafted in the 2006 NBA Draft.

Q. Who is the best Italian NBA player?

Ans: Marco Belinelli

Q. Who was the first basketball superstar?

Ans: George Mikan was the NBA’s first superstar.

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