Artistry in the Blood: Maya Fahey’s Journey as an Art Director Know Her Age, Early Life, Education, Career & Net Worth

American art director Maya Fahey has established herself in design and creativity. In addition to her notable career achievements, she is admired for her close family ties as the daughter of well-known American actress Victoria Rowell.

This in-depth biography looks deep into the life of Maya Fahey, examining her artistic development, life events, and the impact of her mother on her professional life.

Maya’s Wiki Summary

Full NameMaya Fahey
Nike Name Maya
Age33 years old as of now
Date of Birth1989
Place of BirthUnited States of America
ParentsVictoria Rowell
Martial StatusUnarried
Boyfriend Yes
Zodiac SignAries
Famous for Director
Siblings Jasper Armstrong Marsalis
Weight50 Kg
Hair ColorBlonde Hair
Eye Color Blue
Net Worth1.5 Million Dollars

Early Life & Background of Maya Fahey

In 1989, Maya Fahey was born in the USA. She was exposed to the entertainment industry at a young age because her home was full of artistic expression and creativity.

Victoria Rowell, her mother, is a well-known actress who has appeared in films and television. Rowell’s love of the arts greatly influenced Fahey’s creative preferences.

Education of Maya Fahey

The foundation for Fahey’s artistic endeavors was built by her educational experience. She pursued a degree in fine arts at a famous university. While attending the institution, Fahey developed her abilities in various artistic fields, including graphic design, illustration, and photography.

Her professors noted her outstanding talent and perseverance, which resulted in several honors and distinctions throughout her academic career.

Professional Career

After schooling, Maya Fahey started a career that would make her a well-known name in the art directing industry. She began her work as an intern at a prominent design firm, where she developed her abilities and obtained crucial business experience.

Her bosses were immediately drawn to Fahey’s extraordinary attention to detail, creative ideas, and ability to think outside the box.

After finishing her internship, a renowned advertising company hired Fahey as a junior art director. Her career advanced due to her imaginative insight and capacity to transform ideas into stunning creations. She contributed to countless high-profile campaigns for well-known businesses, making an enduring impression on the advertising sector.

Maya has worked in addition to directing at Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, etc. She was a former Waste Management Consultant for EcoSet, according to her Facebook.

She previously worked as a site operator at the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival. Despite all of her wealth, Maya likes to lead a simple life. We have yet to learn about her home, property, automobiles, etc.

Artistic Style and Influences

A distinctive fusion of contemporary aesthetics and traditional methods defines Maya Fahey’s artistic practice. Her use of vivid colors, strong font, and arresting images in her designs showcases her talent for telling visually captivating stories.

Fahey finds inspiration from various places, such as modern art movements, architecture, and nature. Her work demonstrates a keen understanding of how form and function interact to produce visually appealing and robust designs.

Maya’s Personal Life

In the media, Maya Fahey has not discussed her romantic situation. She may be dating someone or is probably single, but we don’t know anything about her for now. In contrast to Maya, Victoria’s mother freely discusses her personal life. Three people are known to be her romantic interests.

Influence of Victoria Rowell

Victoria Rowell’s celebrated career has significantly impacted Maya Fahey’s artistic development as her daughter. Without question, Fahey’s approach to art directing has been influenced by Rowell’s love of acting and narrative.

Fahey learned the value of visual storytelling early since she grew up in a culture that valued creativity. Fahey’s mother’s instruction and encouragement were crucial in helping her develop her artistic abilities and build a strong work ethic.

Maya’s Mother 

An acclaimed American actress, writer, and activist is Victoria Rowell. She was born in Portland, Maine, on May 10, 1959. Throughout her four-decade career, Rowell has significantly impacted the entertainment sector.

Rowell won significant acclaim for depicting Drucilla Winters in the enduring television drama “The Young and the Restless.” She began acting in 1990 and quickly rose to fame as one of the show’s most adored characters. She received many honors for her riveting performances, including two Daytime Emmy Award nominations.

Before “The Young and the Restless,” Rowell had roles in some movies and television programs. She appeared as a special guest on well-known shows like “The Cosby Show,” “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and “Diagnosis: Murder.” She could play various characters thanks to her adaptability as an actress, demonstrating her talent.

Victoria Rowell is an outstanding author in addition to being an actor. She is the author of some publications, including the autobiography “The Women Who Raised Me,” which details her experiences as a foster child. The book was well-received by critics and quickly rose to New York Times bestseller status.

Maya’s Father 

American cinematographer Tom Fahey (Thomas Fahey) acted in The Empty Building in 2004. On his IMDb page, he has 26 credits for his work in the camera department, ten credits for cinematography, and one credit for acting.

Victoria Rowell’s Relationship  

Tom Fahey, an American filmmaker, was Victoria’s husband. The pair wed in 1989 and divorced in 1990.

In the aftermath, Rowell started dating musician Wynton Marsalis. They dated for a long time, and their son Jasper Armstrong Marsalis, who portrayed C.J. in Diagnosis Murderer, was born into the relationship.

He is Maya’s younger half-brother. Wynton is a jazz and classical music promoter. He also serves as the Jazz at Lincoln Center director. The couple soon separated.

In May 2008, Victoria made the news that she was engaged to Radcliffe Bailey, and they wed a year later. On June 27, 2009, the pair exchanged vows in a splendid Dublin, New Hampshire ceremony.

She hoped this would continue a long time after the relationship had failed twice in a row. She was mistaken, and on January 2, 2014, Radcliffe sought a divorce from her.

Victoria Rowell Divorced Tom Fahey 

Maya did not experience any hardship growing up because she was born in 1989 with a silver spoon in her mouth. But her parents, Victoria Rowell and Tom Fahey, divorced the year after she was born. In 1989, the couple was married.

Maya’s father, Tom Fahey, has not revealed his romantic status since divorcing Victoria. Radcliffe Bailey and Victoria were wed in 2009.

Maya Fahey’s Net worth

A $1.5 million estimate for Maya Fahey’s net worth has been made. She works as an art director full-time. She is credited for The Rich and the Ruthless on her IMDb page. Her mother, Victoria, is also a character in the T.V. show.

Similarly, Victoria Rowell, Maya’s mother, is rumored to have a net worth of $2 million that she has amassed from her prosperous professional career.

Maya’s Physical Appearance 

Maya stands at 5 feet 9 inches. She is about 50 kg (110.23 pounds) in weight. Her eyes are blue, and she has blonde hair. Her physique is flawlessly thin, measuring 28-22-30 inches.

Over the past month, Maya Fahey has shed 4 kg of weight. She exercises regularly in the gym to stay in shape and healthy. Her health is currently excellent.

Does she have a Social Media Account?

On Instagram, Maya Fahey is highly active and frequently publishes. On this platform, she has made her works and other information public. She also uses different social media sites, including Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Fahey is a Pet Lover

Fahey is a remarkable person with a steadfast love and enthusiasm for dogs. Her commitment to these animal friends is very admirable. Fahey has always been attracted to dogs because of their loyalty and unconditional love.

She has volunteered numerous hours at nearby animal shelters, giving abandoned and mistreated canines love and care. Fahey is a tremendous gift to the rescue community because of her sincere sensitivity and comprehension of the needs of these creatures.

Future Endeavors

Maya is dedicated to expanding the parameters of art direction and design as she advances her career. Her commitment to developing meaningful visual experiences and her love for innovation set her apart in a cutthroat field.

Future projects for Fahey include broadening her range of artistic expression, working with other like-minded creators, and experimenting with new media.


The career of art director Maya Fahey is a perfect example of the value of creative expression and the sway of kinship. Fahey has established herself as a force to be reckoned with thanks to her early exposure to the entertainment industry through her mother, Victoria Rowell, and her extraordinary accomplishments in art direction.

Her capacity to combine creativity, technological know-how, and a profound understanding of visual storytelling has garnered praise and admiration from others in the field.

Maya’s tale motivates budding artists by serving as a reminder that a supportive environment, passion, devotion, and hard work can lead to outstanding artistic achievements.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Does Victoria Rowell have a daughter?

Ans: Maya Fahey

Q. How old is Victoria Rowell?

Ans: 64 years old as of now.

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