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Rebeca Garza Vargas, a name that resonates within the vibrant tapestry of Mexican entertainment, is more than just the wife of the legendary Mexican singer, songwriter, and actor Pedro Fernandez. Born in 1969 in the enchanting city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, Rebeca has carved her own niche beyond the limelight, adding an intriguing dimension to the narrative of the Fernandez legacy.

However, her story is intricately interwoven with that of Pedro Fernandez, a luminary whose career began at the tender age of seven, reaching international acclaim with thirty-nine albums, seven soap operas, and twenty-five films.

Rebeca Garza Vargas Wiki Bio

Full NameRebeca Garza Vargas
Age54 years old as of 2023
Date of Birth1969
Place of BirthReynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico
SpousePedro Fernandez
Children Three children: Gema Guadalupe, Osmara, and Karina Fernandez
NetworthPedro Fernandez’s estimated net worth: $1 million – $5 million
Zodiac SignLeo

Early Life and Background of Rebeca Garza Vargas

Rebeca Garza Vargas entered the world in 1969, a year that marked the beginning of a life destined for the intricacies of fame and family. Hailing from Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, her roots are firmly planted in the rich cultural soil of the region.

Raised within the embrace of a Christian household, Rebeca’s formative years were shaped by the values and traditions instilled by her parents. Despite the public interest surrounding her due to her marriage to Pedro Fernandez, details about her family background and potential siblings remain elusive, shrouding her early life in an air of mystery.

rebeca garza vargas

Rebeca, by choice or circumstance, maintains a private persona in her personal life, navigating the complexities of fame with quiet resilience. This intentional privacy adds an intriguing layer to her narrative, inviting curiosity about the woman behind the renowned name and her unique journey in the world of Mexican entertainment.


As the pages of Rebeca Garza Vargas’s life unfold, a notable scarcity of public information regarding her educational journey exists. The details of her academic pursuits remain veiled, contributing to the enigma surrounding her early years.

While the public domain offers no concrete insights into Rebeca’s educational background, one might speculate, with a reasonable degree of assumption, that she holds at least an elementary and high school education. However, this speculation underscores the deliberate effort she has made to keep certain aspects of her personal life away from the scrutiny of the public eye.

Marriage and Love Story

The chapters of Rebeca Garza Vargas’s life took a transformative turn when destiny intertwined her path with that of the illustrious Mexican singer Pedro Fernandez. Their story began to unfold during one of Pedro’s mesmerizing performances in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

Pedro Fernandez, a maestro on the stage, revealed in an interview with Don Francisco that the Symphony of fate played its notes as he saw Rebeca Garza for the first time. In a moment that echoed with serendipity, Pedro admitted to falling in love at first sight, an emotion so profound that it prompted him to take action and speak words that defied the norms of restraint.

rebeca garza vargas

The union of Rebeca Garza Vargas and Pedro Fernandez was consecrated in the sacred bonds of matrimony in 1987, marking the inception of a journey that would endure the test of time. It wasn’t until October 2010 that the couple sealed their commitment with a religious ceremony, adding a deeper layer of significance to their decades-long connection.

Before her life became intertwined with the melodies of Pedro’s music, Rebeca pursued a career as a model. Her past, adorned with the world of fashion and grace, brings forth the facets of her multi-dimensional persona.

Through various interviews, the couple has shared insights into the foundation of their enduring marital bond. Pedro, in particular, has expressed admiration for Rebeca, emphasizing the deep connection that transcends the spotlight.

Family Life

The familial tapestry of Rebeca Garza Vargas and Pedro Fernandez is woven with the threads of love, commitment, and the joys of parenthood. Together, they have nurtured a family that stands as a testament to resilience and enduring bonds.

Their family expanded to include three children: Gema Guadalupe, Osmara, and Karina Fernandez. These names echo the harmonious chords of a household enriched by laughter, shared dreams, and the collective journey of growth.

However, like any family, the Fernandez household has faced its share of challenges. One of the notable chapters in their family life involved a high-risk pregnancy, demonstrating the strength and unity that carried them through times of adversity.

rebeca garza vargas

Navigating the intricacies of a marriage in the spotlight, Rebeca and Pedro have consistently demonstrated a commitment to maintaining happiness and trust. Pedro’s career, marked by the demands of the entertainment industry, has undoubtedly presented challenges. Yet, the couple’s enduring love and understanding have proven resilient, with Rebeca serving as a steadfast pillar of support.

Controversy and Accusations

The Fernandez family, known for their harmonious existence, found themselves thrust into the spotlight of controversy, testing the strength of their bonds in the public eye.

Accusations surfaced, accusing Rebeca Garza Vargas and Pedro Fernandez of playing a role in the dissolution of their daughter Osmara’s marriage. The drama unfolded with allegations of an attempted rape and claims of abuse against Osmara’s husband, casting a shadow over the familial tranquility they had cultivated.

The media, ever vigilant for sensational narratives, painted Rebeca and Pedro as the antagonists in this unfolding drama. The portrayal of the couple as villains added a layer of complexity to their public image, challenging the narrative of the harmonious family life they had long been associated with.

Amidst the storm of accusations, legal threats were issued, and the son-in-law entered the fray, offering clarifications to the press. He contended that the accusations against him were based on misunderstandings and asserted that Osmara’s parents pressured her to end the marriage. The legal intricacies and public drama added a chapter of turbulence to the Fernandez family narrative, inviting speculation and commentary from the public and media alike.

Net Worth and Professional Life

rebeca garza vargas

The financial and professional realms of Rebeca Garza Vargas remain shrouded in a deliberate veil of privacy. Unlike many in the public eye, Rebeca has chosen not to disclose details about her net worth or any professional endeavors she might pursue independently.

On the other hand, her husband, the esteemed Pedro Fernandez, stands as a luminary in the Mexican entertainment industry. While Rebeca keeps her financial matters private, Pedro’s estimated net worth falls within the range of $1 million to $5 million, a testament to the success he has achieved throughout his illustrious career.

Pedro Fernandez, born Jose Martin Cuevas Cobos, has left an indelible mark on the realms of music, acting, and television. His career, which commenced at the tender age of seven, spans four decades and boasts an impressive array of achievements. With thirty-nine albums to his name, Pedro has not only dominated the music scene but has also graced the screens with seven soap operas and twenty-five films.

Pedro Fernandez’s Early Career

To unravel the story of Pedro Fernandez is to delve into the origins of a Mexican icon, a journey that commenced under the name Jose Martin Cuevas Cobos.

Pedro’s trajectory in the entertainment industry began at the tender age of seven, a prodigious start that foreshadowed the greatness to come. In 1978, the melody of his talent found its first expression in his debut album, “La de la Mochila Azul,” a title that would become synonymous with his early artistic brilliance.

rebeca garza vargas

However, it wasn’t merely the music realm that Pedro Fernandez conquered in his youth. The silver screen beckoned, and in 1979, he assumed the lead role in the film “La Nina de la Mochila Azul” (The Girl with the Blue Backpack). This marked not only a cinematic milestone but also solidified Pedro’s presence in the dual realms of film and music, laying the groundwork for a career that would span decades and transcend artistic boundaries.


In the tapestry of fame and family, Rebeca Garza Vargas and Pedro Fernandez weave a narrative rich in love, resilience, and enduring commitment. From the serendipity of their meeting to weathering controversies, their journey stands as a testament to the strength of familial bonds.

As Rebeca maintains her private stance amidst the spotlight, Pedro’s luminary career and their shared triumphs emphasize the harmonious blend of love and professional accomplishments. In a world of often challenging relationships, the Fernandez saga exemplifies a love story that transcends challenges, reminding us that amidst the melodies of life, enduring love prevails.

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