Best Business Laptops in India Review

Best Business Laptops for 2019

Finding the best business laptops is a serious work but not hard to find the best laptops in these days. The reason being that, there is multiple options in the market. Best part is that, you do not have to try prior before buying the good one. The unbiased reviews on the best business laptops … Read more

The Best Budget Gaming Laptops in India

best Budget Gaming Laptops

There are several gaming laptops in the market which offers a great deal of performances without any serious dent in your wallet. Even, there will be no trouble in portability. So, we have picked the best value-packed laptops in the list that might really satisfy your requirement. These laptops have significant features which will allow … Read more

Fiscal Deficit of a Country- Causes, and Consequences

Fiscal Imbalances of a Country

Fiscal Deficit of a country is the situation wherein government expenditure exceeds over the revenue receipts, excluding the money borrowing. It is an important indicator to measure the deficit. The fiscal deficit is a more important indicator than the budget Deficit. Thus, in mathematical terms, Fiscal Deficit of a country = Total Expenditures – Revenue … Read more

Budget Deficit of a country-What are the Different Types of Deficit in the Budget

Budget Deficit of a Country

Budget deficit of a country is the financial situation where the expenditure is greater than the revenue of a country. Generally, a country adopts deficit financing practice to finance the heavy expenditure with external resources. Hence, the gap between the expenditure and revenue of a country is reduced through financing the expenditure by either printing … Read more