Mark Lashier Net Worth [2023], Career, Education, Wife, Children & Family

Before Discussing Mark Lashier Net Worth, let’s find out who Mark Lashier is. We are going to learn about another prominent CEO who made it through arduous work, managing ability, leadership skills, and business excellence.

We are talking about Mark Lashier (Mark E Lashier), the president & CEO of Phillips 66, a diversified energy manufacturing and logistics Company. If you are interested to know about Mark Lashier’s net worth, educational background, affairs, wife, etc., just go through the full blog.

If you want to know, only mark lashier’s net worth then you can head straight to the net worth section of this blog. This article has covered everything from his family to his career and the current status of Mark E Lashier. Also, if you find it helpful, share it with your friends.   

Mark Lashier is Known for  

Mark Lashier is a well-known communicator, motivator, leader and mentor who helped several companies to achieve beyond the expected goals. You might all have heard of the reputed company Phillips 66, a multinational energy company headquartered in Westchase, Houston, Texas. The reason for mentioning the Phillips company is to make you know that Mark Lashier is the current president and Chief Executive Officer of the same company.

Before being positioned as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, he was its Chief Operating Officer. He took over the CEO position on July 1, 2022, from Greg Garland. Considering his excellence & roles in business and start-ups over the years, the company made the decision to place him as Chief Executive Officer. Below we gonna explore more about him, like his education, marital status, career, achievements and others, so keep reading the blog.

Mark Lashier Profile’s Summary

NameMark Lashier
Full NameMark E Lashier
Age59 Years old
DegreeBachelor of Science & PhD in Chemical Engineering
UniversityIowa State University
Current PositionPresident & CEO of Phillips 66
Prior to CEOPresident/COO of Phillips 66 Partners GP
Wife’s NameNot Known
ChildrenNot Known
Net Worth$10-12M
Mark Lashier’s Siblings  6 (Five Brother & a Sister)
Mother’s NameNot Known
Father’s NameNot Known

Mark Lashier’s Family & Affairs

In an interview, Mark E Lashier stated that he grew up in a small town in western Iowa. In his big family, his father was a D-day veteran. While discussing his family, Mark also said that his father, after being retired from the military, worked in several different occupations over time.

Mark Lashier’s father also managed to have seven children while he was working as D day veteran. He was the sixth of seven children, born in Iowa and raised in a comparatively small, somewhat traditional Midwestern town. In the discussion, he said that he has five brothers and one sister out of those seven children. Mark Lashier’s sister is the oldest among them.

The name of his sister and brother is not known to us. Once we come to know about their name, we will disclose them in this article. Apart from this, we have yet to find any affair of Mark Lashier. If we get this info, we will unfold the truth right here. Therefore, users must be in tune with the website to learn all about Mark Lashier.  

Mark Lashier’s Educational Background

The student’s life of Mark Lashier was indeed filled with enjoyment and arduous learning all about materials incorporated within the syllabus. Mark Lashier once said that he was the brightest student in the university he went off.

While saying this, he also pointed out that he had no idea what Engineers do or chemical engineers existed on the earth while completing his school. However, he was good in mathematics and science and did a lot of fun in school days. Mark Lashier then left for Lowa State University like the majority of intelligent kids from small Midwest communities.

Since he was the brightest student and good in chemistry & physics, he got a suggestion to go for a doctor. Therefore he obtained a pre-med degree as a biology major. While at Iowa State University, Lashier comes to know several things as the university has an excellent engineering program.

This brilliant kid had a good hand in physics and chemistry, so he was helping all these engineering students in his dormitory with their physics & chemistry homework. His interest and good in Chemistry attracted him towards Chemical engineering and made him to make a career in the field.

At Iowa State University, Lashier earned both a bachelor’s degree in science and a doctorate in chemical engineering. He is the licensee of 13 US patents.

After winding up his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering in 1989, he went to work for Phillips Petroleum Company in a Laboratory in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He was helping the company how produce new chemicals using catalysts. Hence, from here, he started to work in the Petrochemical industry.

Who is Mark Lashier Wife?

Mark E Lashier has never announced the name of his wife. This brilliant chemical engineer happily living his family & wife. Since his wife’s name is not in the public domain, hard to find & write the name. Once we come to know the name of Mark Lashier’s wife, we will disclose it right here.

Mark E Lashier’s Career: Everything Detailed Here

The experience and career of Mark Lashier are pretty gratifying. He has solid leadership excellence, entrepreneurship quality, innovative business ideas, and other quality for managing corporate finances. Moreover, he has proven a track record of establishing profitable enterprises in both domestic and foreign markets, from the initial stages of development through sustainable growth.

Before he came to be as the CEO of Phillips 66, he served in several positions, including COO, Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, Regional Manager, Project Director, and other reputed posts. Mark E Lashier began his career at Phillips Petroleum in 1989 as an Associate Research Engineer. Mark Lashier held such positions at Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC (CPChem), a joint venture between Phillips 66 & Chevron.

Talking about his posts within the corporation include the following: (a) Executive Vice President of Olefins and Polyolefins, (b) Vice President of Corporate Planning and Development, (c) Senior Vice President of Specialties, Aromatics and Styrenics (d) Project Director for Saudi Arabia (e) Regional Manager in Asia and other leadership posts at CPChem.

No doubt, Marks Mark Lashier has extensive knowledge of the international market along with innovative thought processes for the launch of new products and multi-national operations. With his managing ability, he builds efficient, high-performance teams that enable the company to achieve or exceed goals and expectations. Considering all this, Mark E Lashier is an excellent leader, mentor, motivator and, of course, communicator.

What is Mark Lashier Current Position?

Mark Lashier, a prominent leader, mentor, and leader is the president and CEO of Phillips 66, a diversified energy company. He has excellent experience in managing and leading the Company. Mark Lashier has more than 30 years of experience in a variety of executive leadership positions within the energy and petrochemical industries.

He served as a COO at the Company before being appointed chief executive officer. He served as Chief Operating Officer at Phillips 66 from April 2021 through June 2022. This chemical engineer’s career seemed to revolve around the Phillips chemical company. Why I am saying it because he was president and Chief Executive Officer of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC (CPChem), a joint venture between Phillips 66 and Chevron. His career as the president and CEO of CPChem was begun in 2017 and ended in 2021.

He serves on the boards of several industry groups and nonprofits, including American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, the Greater Houston Partnership, Iowa State University’s College of Engineering Industrial Advisory Council, Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas and the American Cancer Society’s CEOs Against Cancer. He also is a member of the Business Roundtable.

Mark Lashier Net Worth

The President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mark Lashier, earn quite a lucrative salary. As per, Mark Lashier made $10,806,542 in total compensation in 2023.

Being in the position of President and CEO, he received $825,000 as a salary and $1,406,625 was received as a bonus. Apart from this, Mark E Lashier holds stock worth $6,830,884. His total compensation also incorporates other monetized benefits, around $230,816.

Considering all his sources, he must have amassed gratifying net worth. Factually, he might have gathered around 10-12 million US dollars.

Questions Mostly Asked About Mark E Lashier

Q. What is Mark Lashier Age?

Ans- Mark Lashier has turned 59 years old now.

Q. Who is the Wife of Mark E Lashier?

Ans- The name of his wife is not in the public domain, so we are not aware of it. Once we come to know this, we will reveal it right here.

 Q. What is Mark Lashier’s Net Worth?

Ans- He has amassed somewhat around $10-12M.

Q. Mark Lashier’s Family

Ans- Mark Lashier grew up in a big family with 5 brothers and a sister. His father, a D-day veteran, had cared for & brought them up.   

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